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Oxfordshire General Election candidates confirmed

The polls are open from 6am-10pm.

The 2017 General Election candidates are: 


Laetisia Carter (Labour)
Robert Courts (Conservative)
Alexander Craig (UKIP)
Claire Lasko (Green)
Liz Leffman (Liberal Democrats)


Dickie Bird (UKIP)
Roseanne Edwards (Independent)
John Howson (Liberal Democrats)
Ian Middleton (Green)
Victoria Prentis (Conservative)
Sean Woodcock (Labour)

Oxford East

Chaka Artwell (Independent)
Suzanne Bartington (Conservative)
Anneliese Dodds (Labour and Co-operative)
Kirsten Johnson (Liberal Democrat)
Larry Sanders (Green)

Oxford West and Abingdon

Nicola Blackwood (Conservative)
Paul Harris (UKIP)
Layla Moran (Liberal Democrat)
Marie Tidball (Labour)


Sue AP Roberts (Green)
Christopher Carrigan (Liberal Democrat)
Rachel Eden (Labour and Co-operative)
David McLeod (UKIP)
Edward Vaizy (Conservative)


Robin Bennett (Green)
Laura Coyle (Liberal Democrat)
Patrick Gray (The Radical Party)
John Howell (Conservative)
Oliver Kavanagh (Labour)
Tim Scott (UKIP)

 It's just over seven weeks since the general election was called.

The results will be declared overnight.