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Security increased at Thames Valley polling stations

Thames Valley Police says a rise in officer numbers is due to the general election.

There will be extra patrols on the streets, but also at polling stations throughout the day.

It's just over seven weeks since the election was called, a period which has seen two terror attacks in the country.

A spokesperson said: 'We have not received any information about a specific threat to the communities of Thames Valley but the threat to the UK from international terrorism is “SEVERE”, meaning an attack is highly likely.

'Please feel free to approach our officers if you have any questions.

'Your cooperation with the police remains the greatest advantage in tackling the challenge the UK faces from terrorism and, in light of the significant threat level, this cooperation is more important than ever before.

'Please remain alert and be assured that, along with our partners, we are doing everything we can to help protect the security of communities inThames Valley, critical national infrastructure, business and places.'

If you wish to report suspicious behaviour or activity (and it's not an emergency) call 0800 7789 321 or head to