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RAJAR Q1 2014: Oxfordshire’s newest radio station JACK 2’s stunning debut continues

Oxfordshire’s newest radio station JACK 2’s stunning debut continues


That difficult second radio station - many struggle with it! But the team at JACK Oxfordshire are celebrating today with the highest ever weekly listening figures for their newest baby JACK 2.


According to radio’s official ratings figures (RAJAR) released today 39,000* people are now tuning into the newest JACK on the block every week. It’s no doubt down in no small part to the radio station’s bold decision to put listeners in charge of the playlist four times a day with Control The Music, sponsored by Hartwell Kidlington Ford and the Hartwell Oxford Supercentre.


106 JACKfm continues to perform well with 89,000* people listening every week – and with a combo figure of 106,000* listeners across the brand it shows Oxfordshire people are loving their truly local radio stations.


JACKfm General Manager Ian Walker said: “When the team first suggested we put the listeners in charge I thought they were finally getting the hang of humour. But now it’s been such a success I’m seriously considering getting some listeners in to do my job for a few hours every day. With a jam-packed schedule ahead as the summer festival season kicks off in Oxfordshire, we need all the extra man hours we can get!”


JACKfm and JACK 2 are the only commercial radio stations to broadcast from Oxfordshire 24 hours a day. To find out more about advertising on JACKfm (uh oh, here comes the sell), call Commercial Director Rachel McClenahan on 01865 315 980.


For further RAJAR information about JACKfm contact General Manager Ian Walker or Content Director Joe Thomas on 01865 315980.



* All figures quoted are weekly reach All Adults 10+ within 106JACKfm TSA

Source: RAJAR Ipsos MORI/RSMB Q1/14

 * (300, 000 – 1 million TSA)

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