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After breaking almost every rule in commercial radio from music playlists to format, the JACKfm brand has today broken just about the biggest unwritten rule in radio… the one that states if you have two radio stations, on ratings day one is guaranteed to go up while the other goes down.
Today both 106 JACKfm and the brand new JACK2 achieved radio’s ‘holy grail’ – both saw a seriously good rise in RAJAR listening figures.
With a new combined figure of 99,000* listeners and a market share holding steady at 6%*, the stations are now teetering perilously close to actually making their parents proud.
The success shows the launch in August across Oxfordshire of a brand new JACKfm format ‘JACK2’ - designed to complement the original 106JACKfm by targeting under 30s females and Playing What You Want – is making waves in the county, with 31,000 listeners a week, up from 25,000*. This is the biggest figure ever achieved on the 107.9fm frequency in its 13 year licence.
Not to be outdone, like the typical older child 106JACKfm has shown off a boost in audience too, jumping from 72,000 listeners a week to 81,000*.
Moving onto the new DAB multiplex for Oxfordshire has undoubtedly strengthened the position of both stations in the market, but these figures are also a testament to the hard work of the dedicated team at Summertown’s dumpiest building.
New Content Director Joe Thomas commented: "These fantastic results for 106 JACKfm and the new JACK 2 show Oxfordshire loves the radio we make and expanding on to DAB has proved a real hit. Listeners are enjoying both stems of the JACK brand and we’ve got some really exciting things up our sleeves to make even more ground-breaking radio. Plus, 99,000 listeners along with hours and reach growing significantly YoY is just the excuse we needed to break into the boss’ bar tab.”
For more, please contact Content Director Joe Thomas or Station Manager Ian Walker on 01865 315980 – that’s if they’re not already in the pub.
* All figures quoted are weekly reach All Adults 15+ within 106JACKfm and JACKfm 2 TSA
Source: RAJAR Ipsos MORI/RSMB Q4/13
*(300, 000 – 1 million TSA)

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