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It’s fair to say that the team at JACK consider themselves the underdogs of the radio world… so we’re considering requesting a recount today after the latest RAJAR listening figures showed ANOTHER record set of listening figures for the business.

We now have a combined figure of 107,000* people listening to the brand each week in Oxfordshire – that’s enough to fill Wembley Stadium AND Wembley Arena AND the Cowley Road’s O2 Academy AND Oxford’s New Theatre TWICE and still have enough people left for one hell of a house party. And we’ve not only smashed through the 100,000 barrier but managed a whopping Year On Year increase of 62%.

Both JACKfm and JACKfm2 have also shown healthy Year On Year increases in listeners – with JACK up 60% and JACK2 by 76%, further narrowing the gap between us and Heart in our TSA (boo hiss).

The launch last year of new JACKfm format ‘JACK 2’ - designed to complement the original 106 JACKfm by targeting under 30s females and Playing What You Want – has strengthened the brand like a mega Transformer, making us a true force to be reckoned with across the Oxfordshire airwaves.

Our availability on the local DAB multiplex has undoubtedly strengthened the position of both stations in the market, but these figures are also a testament to the hard work of the dedicated team at Summertown’s dumpiest building.

New Content Director Joe Thomas commented: “Pop open the champagne! (OK, the Aldi Spumante… we’re not made of money…) To break through our previous record reach to a fantastic 107,000 listeners a week is testament to the incredible hard work that falls out of everyone in our tiny team. JACKfm and JACK 2 are the only commercial radio stations delivering content to Oxfordshire, for Oxfordshire… and our listeners obviously love it. It’s a proud day here in Summertown.”

For more, please contact Content Director Joe Thomas or Station Manager Ian Walker on 01865 315980 – that is if they’re not already in the pub.

* All figures quoted are weekly reach All Adults 15+  within 106JACKfm and JACKfm 2 TSA

Source: RAJAR Ipsos MORI/RSMB Q4/13

 * (300, 000 – 1 million TSA)

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