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Brick Awards 2022 - The TPM Hire Trade Supplier of the Year

This award category looks at exemplary service from a supplier to the trade industry. Materials supply is one of the industry’s most vital components and we want to find the company that’s at the leading edge.

The finalists in this category are

M&M Waste Solutions 

Bucks Recycling 


Sponsored by TMP Hire.

After working on sites for years, Mike didn’t see why the welfare of the workforce should be compromised, so along came TPM Welfare! TPM Welfare provides units that offer optimum convenience and comfort even when on site. 
Quick & Easy Welfare Setup whilst being Economical and Sustainable. These mobile welfare units provide your site team with optimum convenience and comfort whilst using environmentally sensitive features, including PIR activated lighting that helps to cut down on energy use and running costs. 
Contact details: or  07866 683 384