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Jess Glynne

Date 2

Steve's second date was with the lovely Angie, a property consultant from Wallingford who decided that dinner and a ghost tour would make a lovely first date with our dad. The couple met at the wonderful Brasserie Blanc in the Jericho area of Oxford for the first half of their date. Sumptous food and a relaxed atmosphere ceated an amazing environment for Steve and Angie to get to know each other.

After dinner and a quick cab ride to the castle quarter the second half of the date was hosted by Bill Spectre, as he walked our couple around the streets of old Oxford, regailing spooky stories from days gone by and uncovering the hidden secrets of the city in his own truly remarkable way,

Steve and Angie spent the entire evening talking and laughing, and really enjoying Angie's lovely date suggestions.


Steve confesses his past to Ange, who in return asks a question most people might....


As the couple are strolling around on the ghost tour, Steve regails Ange with a story from the castle quarter


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