Race For Life

Ladies - lace up your trainers and choose your mission.
Race For Life is back. There's more than one way to raise loads of money and be a hero this year:
  • Run the heroic Race for Life 5k event. It doesn't take too long, helps raise loads of dosh and only results in a small stitch. At University Parks on Sunday 10th July.
  • Double it to the Race for Life 10k event. Because when the jogging gets tough, you know you can always walk a bit if you really have to. At University Parks on Sunday 10th July.
  • Go all out and run the Race for Life Pretty Muddy® event. For the ladies who won't let anything get in their way. Especially not a pink obstacle course. At South Parks on Saturday 17th September. 
Cancer. We're coming to get you.
Sign up for Race for Life and we will beat cancer sooner.

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