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Where's JACK 2 Hits on FM?

Here. Where's JACK 2 Hits gone?


You might have turned to 107.9 FM and heard relaxing music, not the chart stuff JACK 2 Hits plays. What's occurring?


JACK 2 Hits has moved off FM and onto digital radio, smart speakers and loads of web streams. And on 107.9 FM now, JACK 3's taken over - same JACK family, playing relaxing music in Oxfordshire.


Why? Because the big bulk of people who listen to JACK 2 Hits don't listen on FM (it's all digital radio and online streaming). And it seems a shame to waste the 107.9 FM frequency when FM frequencies are so scarce. So we wanted to let JACK 3 make the most of it - because most people who listen to JACK 3 don't listen on digital radio or online.


JACK 2 Hits hasn't stopped or gone away - just left FM and stepped into 2020 a bit. Tap here for all the ways you can now hear JACK 2 Hits.



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