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Current Oxford University vice-chancellor delighted by locally schooled nominee

Professor Irene Tracey's nomination to be Oxford University's next vice-chancellor has been warmly received by fellow professor, Louise Richardson.

Prof Richardson said: “I am delighted by the nomination of Professor Irene Tracey, who will bring deep-seated familiarity with the collegiate university as well as enthusiasm for its values, to the role of vice-chancellor.

“Irene’s talents, collegiality and boundless energy will stand her in good stead.

“I wish her every success and I will do all I can to ensure a smooth transition.”

Tracey will become the University's second female vice-chancellor if approved by the sovereign body.

“I am honoured to be nominated as the University of Oxford’s next vice-chancellor, and I wish to thank my colleagues for entrusting me to lead such a magnificent and world-leading academic institution,” she said.

“The last few years have reminded us all of the crucial role Oxford, along with other leading British universities, plays in tackling global societal issues,” she added, perhaps in reference to the development of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

“That is why I am deeply committed to growing Oxford’s impact through supporting its groundbreaking discovery research, its excellence in teaching and its drive to create a global innovation powerhouse.”

She added that the university had “also made significant strides in recent years to becoming a more diverse community”.

“Coming to Oxford University from a terrific local school, Gosford Hill, I know well the transformative power that great teachers, professors and a good education can have throughout one’s career.

“Oxford’s commitment to attracting the very best students from whatever their background will remain steadfast.”


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