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Oxford University has returned to the top of the Good University Guide

The university dominates this year’s league table, following the global recognition of its ground-breaking work on the Covid-19 vaccine.

The Times and the Sunday Times Good University Guide 2023 has been released and Oxford has achieved top spot having previously been in the second.

The University beats out St Andrews and Cambridge to the top spot

The University scored highest for the number of students who scored 1sts or 2:1 degrees, for the number of staff to students, and the number of students who complete their degrees

However they could only manage fourth in the research quality and graduate prospects category.

Although Oxford did miss out on the University of the Year title, which was won by the University of Bath.

Professor Dame Louise Richardson, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Oxford

"My colleagues and I are delighted by this news. It is a testament to the talent and commitment of staff all across the collegiate university as well as to the creativity and resilience of our students who refused to allow a pandemic to derail their education."

Elsewhere in county, Oxford Brookes University fell from 54th place last year to 57th.

But they are the 7th best university in the South East region.

Author Zoe Thomas says  "The reason that Oxford edged it this year in particular is its extremely low staff to student ratio. At Oxford there are 10.5 students per member of academic staff, and that's staff with responsibility for teaching. That's way above anybody else.

"It speaks very clearly of their tradition of having a don and up to two other students.

"The extraordinary work on the Astra Zeneca Covid vaccine can not be overlooked but it was not part of our methodology. Still it is part of the rich profile that it brings to everything that it does."

The Times and The Sunday Times Good University Guide 2023 provides students and their parents with an invaluable first reference point on the path to finding a university place. It contains full profiles of all universities.

The academic league table is made up of eight indicators including student satisfaction with teaching quality and their wider student experience, research quality, graduate prospects, entrance qualifications held by new students, degree results achieved, student/staff ratios, and degree completion rates. 

You can see the full guide on the times website here and in the paper on Sunday 18th September.

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