Oxfordshire MP calls for 'calm heads' as Boris faces showdown in the Commons

Victoria Prentis says she's 'backing Boris all the way.'

As rebel Conservatives and opposition parties try to stop a no deal Brexit in Parliament later, Prentis claims backbench MPs meddling with our constitution 'has in fact left us in a weaker position.'

The MP for Bicester and Banbury says she hopes we can leave the EU on October 31st, with a deal, that 'protects national security and people’s jobs.'

If the rebels succeed in Parliament later, Boris Johnson is threatening to break the deadlock by holding a general election next month.

The prime minister insists he doesn't want a snap poll, but suggests he'll be left with no choice if MPs block a no-deal Brexit.

Prentis posted on her website: 'With eight weeks to go, calm heads are needed.'

She added: 'I have always been concerned about playing around  with our constitution. 

'Had parliament not insisted on a  “meaningful” vote, we would have left the EU six months ago, WITH a deal.'  

Prentis went on to say: 'It’s so important that we deliver Brexit, and get on with improving our schools and hospitals as Boris has said he will.

'I hope that all MPs – including the opposition– will examine their consciences as they return from the Summer break; the only way to get a deal is to vote for one. 

'Let’s hope we get one more chance to do so and that this time MPs from across the House will vote for a deal.'

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