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Welcome to the nonsense - weekdays with Trev, Rich and Annabelle.


One's bald, one's got a beard and the other's Annabelle.


Lots of music and lots of you being silly. Pick which station you want to hear it on - same show, different playlists.


UPDATE: Where's Trev?

On 13th November 2018, Trev suffered a stroke. He's on the road to recovery and will be back when the time is right.

Keep up with Trev's recovery weekdays on JACK's Morning Glory and read more about what happened here.



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JACK 2 Hits

No Brainer by Quavo And Dj Khaled / Justin Bieber / Chance The Rapper


Boulevard Of Broken Dreams by Green Day

JACK 3 & Chill

Babe by Styx