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RAJAR Q4 2018

Union JACK Radio reports best ever rajar result

  • Union JACK sees audience increase by 74% year-on-year, taking weekly listeners to 153,000


  • Union JACK also sees total hours increase by 47% year-on-year, growing to 720,000 hours each week (4.7 average hours per listener)


  • New national sibling JACK Radio debuts with 32,000 listeners and 209,000 total hours (average of 6.5 hours per listener), with only eight out of 13 weeks included in today’s RAJAR* result


  • JACK Oxfordshire jumps ahead of Oxfordshire’s Heart in total hours, achieving 631,000 hours each week compared to Heart’s 624,000


7 February 2019, Oxford: National digital radio station Union JACK has seen a huge leap in both audience and hours according to today’s RAJAR* result. The pioneering station, which plays exclusively British music and comedy, has seen a 74% year-on-year increase to its audience, achieving its highest result to date with 153,000 weekly listeners. The station’s total hours have also increased by 47% year-on-year, to a total of 720,000 listening hours each week – an average of 4.7 hours per listener.

Union JACK’s national radio sibling, JACK Radio, which launched in October 2018, making waves with its announcement that it was to play exclusively female artists, has also debuted with 32,000 listeners; a figure which has been achieved in just eight out of the thirteen weeks that this RAJAR report covers (17 September 2018 to 16 December 2018). Even more impressively, the station has achieved 209,000 total hours, meaning that each listener is staying put for an average of 6.5 hours each week, giving credibility to the station’s proposition.

JACK Oxfordshire (JACKfm, JACK 2 Hits, JACK 3 Chill) has also seen another positive set of figures, outplaying its rival Heart in listening hours with 631,000 hours compared to Heart’s 624,000 and remaining consistent in its audience reach (105,000).

JACK CEO Ian Walker said: “With our two national radio stations, Union JACK and JACK Radio, achieving a combined total of close to 200,000 listeners who are listening for almost a million hours each week, we are really starting to make our mark on the national digital radio landscape and can offer advertisers an exciting opportunity to reach a large - and most importantly an engaged – audience of ABC1 men and women.

“Union JACK has been bringing more and more exciting programming initiatives to the fore – such as our forthcoming live broadcasts from the world-class Leicester Comedy Festival – that are clearly resonating with our listeners, while there is so much more to come from JACK Radio, which launched just three months ago. We’re delighted with these results and can’t wait to build on them further.”


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t: 07738 102491

Notes to Editors


About the JACK brand

The JACK brand originated in Canada and quickly established itself as one of the most successful brands in North America, today attracting over 20 million listeners. The brand provides an unconventional package with localised, targeted music to give the listeners a fun, energising and connective experience. 

In 2007, Ian Walker, Donnach O’Driscoll and Clive Dickens brought the JACKfm brand to the UK, launching the station in Oxfordshire to much acclaim; it is today the most awarded local commercial radio station in UK radio history, having received over 40 industry commendations, including two for UK Radio Station of the Year. Also in Oxfordshire, the brand has a younger spin-off, JACK 2 Hits, while JACK 3 Chill launched on DAB in May 2017.

In September 2016, the team announced the arrival of Union JACK Radio, which shook up the media landscape with a unique proposition that sees every song played on air being voted for by the station’s audience via the most extensive playlist ever in UK radio. The station also operates without a DJ, meaning that listeners hear only the content that they have selected, 24 hours a day. Continuing to challenge the status quo, another new national digital station, JACK Radio, was added to the family in October 2018, playing music exclusively by female artists.


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