Rent 20th Anniversary Concert



At JACK, we’re feeling a little depressed... because if hit musical RENT is celebrating its twentieth anniversary, we must be getting old.
Lucky then that they’re bringing the show to Oxford to cheer us up with fabulous tunes like Seasons of Love and Without You!
Listen to JACK’s Morning Glory this week to win The Best Seats In The House when RENT comes to the New Theatre Oxford on Friday the 15th of November.
Starring West End leading lady and Atomic Kitten Natasha Hamilton and ITV’s Superstar runner-up Rory Taylor.
Just… don’t mention the show is only 20 years old, or Trev, Caroline and Rich will get very jealous indeed. 



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Panini (Fyapowr Ctrl Alt Del Edit) by Lil Nas X


Who Are You by Who

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December '63 by Frankie Valli / Four Seasons