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JACK's Secret Phrase


Someone in Oxfordshire is about to win £400 while sitting on their sofa!

It could be you - if you work out JACK’s Secret Phrase.

Listen to the radio, look on the JACK website, follow JACK’s social media pages - the clues could be anywhere!

When you think you've figured it out, call us on 01865 575106 and tell us what it is - and don't forget to leave your contact details!

First one to figure out the secret phrase pockets the cash! Easy... right?


With Finders Keepers.

Find the clues, and keep the cash - thanks to Oxfordshire’s letting and property management experts at Finders Keepers.

Terms and Conditions

  • Standard JACKfm competition terms and conditions apply – click here to see them
  • This competition runs from Monday 16th November until the correct phrase is given to JACKfm via their voicemail on 01865 575 106 
  • We will be releasing clues that point to the phrase on air, on our website and on our social feeds 
  • Trev will reveal where the clue has been released on the breakfast show after 8am. 
  • The prize consists of £400
  • To win, you must be the first person to call us on 01865 575 106 and leave the correct phrase word for word on the voicemail 
  • We will call the winner back, we may also contact you, even if you got the phrase incorrect. 
  • This competition is for those aged 18+
  • JACK reserves the right to change rules at any time and can release further clues to assist listeners in working out the phrase.
  • The cash will be paid by bank transfer and could take up to 25 working days to clear. 
  • JACK's decision is final.

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