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The Secret Way To Call 999 If You Can't Talk

There is a way to get in touch with the police, even if you can't talk.




There are times when talking isn't possible, or could put someone in danger. Police say this technique could save lives - and it's been around for years.




The answer? When you're given the option, press 55. It's worth making a small noise like a cough or tap on the phone, so the receiver knows you've not dialled by mistake or are a hoax.




The British Red Cross say: "The system for "silent calls" is that they are transferred to an automated system. A recorded voice asks you to tap the phone or dial 5 twice to show you are there. If there is no response, the call is automatically cut off. Operators can override the cut-off if they hear suspicious noises". 




Other top tips to get in touch with the emergency services? You can also dial 112 instead of 999 so emergency services can track your location using your phone's GPS.




Check out the British Red Cross' website for all their advice.

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