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We'll wrap your presents for you...

Presents are great!

Wrapping presents is not. 

So get Trev and Rich to do it. It’s what they’re paid minimum wage for.

Simply name the song being… rapped… in JACK’s Morning Glory next week and Trev and Rich will wrap your presents. They don't know it yet. 

Our friends at Oxford Direct Services are helping us with this one. 

They want you to know more about recycling rules at Christmas.

They've even made this fancy video to help. 


Here at JACK we're very good at recycling. We recycle our jokes all the time. 

Visit their site here to get a better understanding on what you can do to help recycle as much as possible over Christmas. 

Here at JACK we're very good at recycling. We recycle our jokes all the time.

Play along with Trev and Rich next week for a chance to get your wrapping done for you, by the experts monkeys of JACK.  


Pop your name in the hat below if you'd like to play...



Tick if you would like to receive information from Oxford Direct Services using one or more of these methods:

Terms & Conditions

  • Standard JACKfm competition terms and conditions apply – click here to see them
  • This competition runs from Thursday 5th December - Friday 13th December
  • To enter, simply fill in your details above and we will randomly choose someone to play.
  • If you win JACK employee(s) will come to your house and wrap up to 10 presents to help you out. 
  • we will be available for wrapping presents at different times between Tuesday 9th - Friday 20th December 
  • We will supply the wrapping paper and selotape
  • This competition us open to people aged 18 and over only.
  • Strictly 1 entry per person. If you enter more than once, we reserve the right to disqualify you from the competition.
  • To play, Trev & Rich will get you to air (live or pre-recorded) and you have to figure out what song they are rapping. 
  • You must live in Oxfordshire 



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